Alpha TiN Hybrid M16 Bolt Carrier Group

$ 155.97 $ 169.95

ALPHA TiN Hybrid M16 Bolt Carrier Group

  • Complete M16 bolt carrier group assembly
  • Compatible with 5.56, 223 & 300 Blackout
  • Titanium Nitride plated Carrier. Same plating process that can be found on many drill bits & end mills to increase life of the tool 
  • The Titanium Nitride (TiN) plating has a RC hardness of 85 to 90. 
  • Attractive gold finish
  • MPI tested Nitride treated shot peened 9310 bolt 
  • Requires very little lubrication and has a very slick surface
  • Easier to clean than a standard bcg.
  • Side staked gas key with grade 8 fasteners

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